1. Who are eligible to apply for the International graduate program for Photonics?

The program is designed for international students only. Those except who hold citizenship of Taiwan, including overseas Taiwanese citizens or compatriot students, may apply as an international student. International students who have earned or will earn a bachelor's or master’s degree at accredited universities in Taiwan or other countries are eligible to be considered for admission to the Doctoral Programs offered by the constituent institutes in universities in UST.

2. What kind of financial aid and scholarships are available?

The constituent universities in UST make every effort to offer financial assistance to qualified students through a variety of programs, which may include the tuition waiver, fellowships, teaching assistantships, on-campus study work and external scholarships awarded by Taiwan government.

3. How may I renew my scholarship?

The renewals for scholarships are reviewed annually; the GPA requirement is above 80. For more details, please check the information on the website of Office of International Affairs as followed.


4. How much are the tuition fees and living cost in Taiwan as an international student?
  • Cost of Study
    Currently for a graduate student, the mandatory fees are about NTD13,000 to NTD13,500 (USD400 to 420) per semester. Credit fee is NTD1,590 (USD50) per unit. Books and supplies are about NTD5,000-10,000 (USD150-300) per semester.


  • Living Cost
    All international students will be provided with on-campus dormitory. For graduate students, each room accommodates 2-4 students, which costs approximately NTD5,800-9,200 (USD190-300) per semester per student. Living expenses range from NTD8,000-15,000 (USD250-500) per month.
5. How may I apply for credits transfer?

At most three courses completed at other accredited institutes with passing grades may be counted toward the fulfillment of the course requirements of an enrolled student. Application must be made within two weeks of commencement of first semester. Official transcripts and syllabi with instructors' signatures and contact information that you want to be considered for credit transfer should be provided along with your application. In addition, students should provide a letter from the institute, in which those courses were taken, testifying that those courses are indeed graduate-level courses and have not been counted toward the fulfillment his/her undergraduate programs. Whether the credits are eligible for transfer shall be processed based upon the university's Guidelines for Credit Transfer.

6. How may I choose my thesis advisor?

It depends on the institute you apply for and being approved. A list of candidates of thesis advisors is posted on the website of the constituent institutes for your reference as followed.


NYCU(CT): https://dop.nycu.edu.tw

NYCU(YM): https://bioph.nycu.edu.tw/index.php
NTHU: https://ipt.site.nthu.edu.tw/app/home.php
NCU: https://www.dop.ncu.edu.tw