Rules of use

Rules of use

1. The copyright of the materials published on this website, unless otherwise specified, belongs to the International Ph.D. Program in Photonics of National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (hereinafter referred to as "this unit"). Anyone is free to use it for non-profit purposes. However, when using it, it shall not change its content, slander or detract from the reputation of the unit, and must indicate the source as " International Ph.D. Program in Photonics of National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University ".


2. Users who have permission to upload data can decide on their own copyright ownership and authorization rules for their data. Users of this website should abide by it and understand that this unit does not take any legal responsibility for this information.


3. This unit does its best to maintain the timeliness and correctness of the information on this website, but does not take any responsibility for it. This unit has the right to change the content of the website without prior announcement. Therefore, if the user considers matters related to their interests, such as examination qualifications or dates, graduation credits, etc., please directly confirm with the relevant business personnel of the unit.


4. This unit does its best to maintain the information on this website without any computer virus. However, this unit is not responsible for any damage to the electronic information system or other damages caused by downloading the information on this website.


5. The hyperlinks to other websites provided on this website are only for the convenience of users. The linked websites are not part of this website. This unit does not guarantee the existence of other websites linked to, and is not responsible for any content, hyperlinks, etc. of this website.


6. This website does not use cookies and does not track users' Internet usage except as necessary to provide personal services. The personal information provided by the user voluntarily will not be used for other purposes except for the specified purpose and analysis of the usage habits of this website.


7. Modifications and changes to these Terms of Use will not be announced in advance. If users have any comments or suggestions on these rules or this website, please contact the website administrator.